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Tone sound on fan

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I recently added a PWM controller to my desk fan in order to be able to modify the speed and therefore the amount of breeze.

I can notice a squeak sound about 1 KHz I will say coming from the motor, and I want to get rid of it, what kind I do ?


Up your PWM frequency, I did that same once, the tone gets real annoying after a time

When you power a motor the rotor will push forward as well as go round. if your using PWM to control it the shaft will oscilate making the buzing sound. I once knocked up a quike PWM controller for an 84W can blower to use at work, I soon installed an optional capacitor to increase the frequency. Lower frequencies got me more power less heating in the control transistor and a sqeek. The high frequency was silent but needed more power for the same speed but was more controllable at low speeds

Somewhat related.  I remember a talk at Blackhat that used that effect with some modulation to send the users password to a listener with a directional microphone and some signal processing.

Here, took me a bit to find it in the archives but it's interesting.

Of course the increasing the PWM frequency will work.
Why not trying with a little L-C filter, to smooth out the PWM carrier?


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