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Tools required for low voltage (uV) Applications



What are the tools(Measurement/Source) needed to work on low noise low voltage low frequency applications like eeg?
5uVp-p voltage level

PLease help

The old Tektronix 5000 series has plugins that meet your needs.  Biomedical uses were common with that setup.

Register on the Keithley site here http://www.keithley.com/promo/wb/259 and download the "Low Level Measurements Handbook" FREE.  If you plan to work in this area you really need to thoroughly understand this material.

I second the recommendation of Keithley's low level measurements handbook.

There are several versions of Tektronix's very sensitive differential amplifier. I believe there were two versions available as 5000 series oscilloscope plugins, there was the 7A22 for the 7000 series of scopes, and there was the AM502 plugin for TM5xx or TM5xxx mainframes. The latter has BNC output, and is therefore the most versatile (can easily work with modern scopes). Bandwidth is limited to 1 MHz and can be further limited (both lower and upper limit) with adjustable filters in most plugins. Differential inputs are almost essential at these levels.

Note that there are safety issues with directly connecting electronics to the human body with low impedance electrodes. Investigate this first before even considering experimenting on living beings.


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