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Transform Low to Hi impedance at audio frequencies

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Quarlo Klobrigney:
I'm looking for any circuit ideas to transform a low to hi impedance at audio frequencies.
Everywhere there there are the reverse i.e. high to low.
I'm back from the dead for now.

Does anybody have a clue for me to accomplish this without any distortion or tonal alterations?

Transformers do not count as cost would unacceptable where junk box components could suffice.
For example a simple circuit with some passives, a single supply with a ubiquitous op-amp, transistor or FET.

If possible either positive or negative gain if needed.

Please your suggestions. Thanks.

You need to provide more detail about the application. Is this for signal level or power level? What impedances do you want to convert between and why? Do you want to scale the voltage as well as the impedance? If you want to go from low to high impedance just use a series resistor. :)

Quarlo Klobrigney:
That would be around 100Ω to an input of 1MΩ.

The output comes from a Bluetooth module to a tube tape or phono input.

The way it is now the audio is thin even though the BT modules is plenty loud.

The input looks like a 100KΩ to ground as a load, and a 2MΩ series resistor to the amp circuit.

Only a slight mismatch!

Excuse me for what might seem to be an easy task. I should have included the specs.
I've been in hospital the first part of the year so all of my circuits are not firing well yet.

Increasing the output impedance won't increase the signal level. A phono input is normally quite sensitive. If you want to try amplification then just try a suitable gain op amp. How do you measure the loudness of the output of the BT module? Sorry to hear about your ill health, I can sympathise with how it affects the ability to think.

old generation BT dont have quality DAC nor bandwidth . no worries about mismatched transmission lines here . line signal level is ~1V but phono is ~10mV . attenuator and following low noise buffer will do the job .


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