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Transformer ID?

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Can any one help me ID this transformer or am I miss labeling it a transformer? I have googled for the logo, tha part number, etc. All to no avail.

It looks like a switch mode PSU transformer which was specifically designed and manufactured for the PSU it is in. Because of that it is very unlikely you will be able to get a replacement for this transformer even if you contact the PSU's manufacturer.

That was the presumption I was working under. I was still hoping to find the manufacture, if still in business, and ask any ways.

It's unlikely it's the transformer which is broken.

There's more chance the rectifier, driver transistors or control IC are bad.

Here are pictures of the PCB front and back.

Power comes in at bottom left, hits the bridge rectifier gets converted to dc @ 330V. Power is present up to the right side of the transformer everything on the left has no power. I think I am just missing a trace or component that brings power to the other section.


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