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Transistor Looking Device with G21 Marking

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--- Quote ---Before, we talked about picofarads, but as I now see this may just have been the result of an error converting from microfarads...
--- End quote ---

I'm mad at myself. I re-read my older message and realized I kept typing pF instead of nF.

I made the same mistake in my last post, however, I caught myself just before sending it. Typically I've only dealt with uF and pF only, and I'm not familiar with having to type nF values.

Making these mistakes aggravates me because I waste my time, and the time of others.

I think this Acquisition Board for the scope is at the completed stage.

The recent findings was a broken ZIF connector and the capacitor in question (although I knew about the ZIF connector sometime ago).

Anyway, I've gone ahead and replaced the ZIF connector and capacitor. As suggested, I should go with a 27nF, 500V. After digging in DigiKey, I found a 630V and a 22nF capacitor 1000V. I ordered both in hopes the 1000V 22nF would be a bit on the high side (closer to 24nF), however, both capacitors measured near their exact value.

Unfortunately the 1000V seemed a bit too tall. Although it looked like the RF shield would have enough clearance, it was very close. It turns out the 630V 22nF looked like the exact height of a good one. This alludes to the comforting feeling that 630V is either the correct voltage rating, or at least 130V above the original (i.e. 500V).

Upon removing the obvious undersized capacitor and measuring it, I believe (I'll need to double check) it was up around 330nF.

At this point I've replaced all the components in question that were different than those in a good channel; including the two bad hybrid chips.

If not for this message thread, I doubt this scope would have been repaired. Thanks for all the help.

The only remaining change is an upgrade on the power supply fan (arriving tomorrow). This will make the scope run quieter.

After the fan and reassembling the scope, it should pass calibration again since it passed before, and also since nothing major has been changed (except the capacitor and the ZIF connector which is for the Probe Board ribbon cable).

Thanks again

Edit: the capacitor I used is 478-12869-1-ND (the 1000V one that was too large and not used is: 399-C1210C223JDGACAUTOCT-ND)


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