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Hi All,

Rookie question. I have a 100Mhz Digital Osciloscope (Rigol). How do I use Trigger properly?

My scenario is as follows. I have the data I am interested in CH2 and CH1 is the Trigger (i.e. use GPIO to toggle and look at the data on CH2). I cannot get the CH1 trigger to work properly. What am I missing?

Here is what I do..

1. Connect Ch1/2 properly
2. Go to trigger menu, select CH, rising edge, set the threshold to 1.5V (it is a 3.3v trigger)
3. Press Run (i.e. I see the CH2 data nicely, CH1 is low)
4. Hit acquire and wait for trigger to kick in

this never happens.. (i.e. I cannot get scope to acquire the data after the trigger point)

Help is appreciated.. I couldn't find a good tutorial somewhere unfortunately and there is no body to ask. (ps. I know CH1 going up, so it is not a software issue, I just don't know how to use trigger properly)


The scope is running by default. By pressing "run" you should actually stop it (IIRC the button switches to red light), the button is like a "play-pause" button on a music player.
The "acquire" button should be only for going to the acquisition options (sample, peak, averaging, ...) which aren't related to trigger.

If you're trying to capture data once you should use the single mode, otherwise it will trigger at every condition match (normal) or at matching condition and after a timeout (auto).

Although Rigol is not so good at documentation, the scope manual (search on the internet) should report this things.

check probe attenuation 1x? 10x?
trigger mode should be auto or normal

* Check probe attenuation and config in scope (so that the 1.5v is really 1.5v)
* Put the trigger in "Normal" mode instead of auto to prevent 're-trigger' after a timeout
* (or optionnally us the 'single' mode)

Leo Bodnar:
Start by loading "Deafult setup" to give you reasonable repeatable initial settings.


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