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Let´s start a new topic for unknown circuits.
UICs - Unknown Integrated Circuits?  ;D

This component contains the letters WE, the character sequence F61489 and the numbers 2384. 2384 could be a date code, which would then refer to the year 1984. WE probably stands for Western Electric. This is also supported by the integrated circuit. F61489 could be the designation of the component.  :-//

The die has several testpads. There are large contacts on the edges, which were probably mainly used to tune the circuit. There are also many small contact areas within the circuit that are only suitable for special tests. A clear division into two parts is recognisable in the structures. The right part is smaller but contains very similar areas. The image is available in full resolution: https://www.richis-lab.de/images/TBD/01x03XL.jpg (24MB)

The only labelling can be found on the left edge. BKA, JRB and TM could be the initials of the developers. M7062D appears to be an internal project designation.

Some test structures have been integrated in the bottom left-hand corner and at the bottom edge, which make it possible to check the alignment of the masks against each other.

There are resistance strips on each side, whose resistance values can be set with a few testpoints and fuses.

The upper section contains structures that are typical for switched capacitor filters. The functionality of such filters is described in more detail with the U1001 (https://www.richis-lab.de/phone01.htm). The repeating structures of several opamps can be clearly recognised. These opamps are connected with different capacitances, which are represented by individual rectangles.

The filters indicate that this is indeed a Western Electric component. Western Electric was very active in the telecommunications industry. It therefore seems very likely that, like the U1001, it is a transmit and receive filter for digital transmission links.

The control logic is integrated in the lower section of the module.



First!  ;D


This component comes from an internal collection of Philips or NXP. There is no datasheet for the designation TDA8445. 8618 is probably a date code.

There are some remnants of bondwires in the package. It is probably not the first die to be inserted into this package.

On the left-hand side, three identical and one very similar circuit section are arranged one above the other. Four output stages can be seen at the bottom edge.

This picture is also available in a higher resolution: https://www.richis-lab.de/images/tbd/02x03XL.jpg (51MB)

At the top edge of the die there is the character string R0185C1. But that string cannot be assigned.

Here you can see one of the repeating blocks. It is immediately recognisable that this is a bipolar process. Two layers of metal were used. In the centre is a large block of small transistors connected in parallel. The strips in the right-hand area represent I2L logic, as described in more detail in the CA3161 (https://www.richis-lab.de/logic22.htm).

There is no information on the type designation TDA8445. However, Philips sold a TDA8446. It is a video signal switcher that can be used to process different video standards. It is not only the name that suggests a similarity. The three identical circuit blocks of the TDA8445 could be the RGB inputs, while the fourth, similar block could be the Y input. At the bottom edge there are three identical and one slightly different output stage. This would match the outputs of the TDA8446. However, the TDA8445 is missing two pins compared to the TDA8446.



Some Chinese websites I could find claim that TDA8445 is a TV "field output" (vertical) IC.


--- Quote from: amyk on May 30, 2024, 04:04:43 am ---Some Chinese websites I could find claim that TDA8445 is a TV "field output" (vertical) IC.

--- End quote ---

I have found this site but I assume that's a mistake. These "field output integrated circuits" are power devices.


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