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Unstable current waveform from Bldc controller

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I am currently working on a BLDC motor drive project where i have connected the inverter to an evalkuation board to control a BLDC machine, The schematic of the connection [attachimg=4] for the evaluation board, [attachimg=5] for the inverter board, and the physical system is[attachimg=6]. The system runs but the system stops working at speeds above 270 rpm i have yet to determine what causes it and i also noticed when i compared the Pwm siganls at the gate of the mosfets to the current waveform of the motor at speeds above 200 rpm it looks [attachimg=2], and at speeds below 200 rpm it looks [attachimg=3] this matches what the waveform should be according to the theory. I am open to all suggestions to fix the waveform and make the motor run at 1000 rpm and above.

Schematic is unreadable. Perhaps if I buy a 200" screen with 8000 x 12800 resolution, but I'm not going to do that.

it has been modified

I see no Hall feedback, so this is either:
A sensorless BLDC drive.
A PMSM drive.

Either way, both are difficult to start (none of them will start under load, you need Hall sensors for that) and have completely different dynamic characteristic. Let us know.

The motor is hall sensor based and its controlled using six step commutation sequence i have commented in the image above to show the hall signals


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