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updated rheslip's PyDSA for DS1000Z series...



Not sure this will be useful to folks. I wanted a more functional FFT for my DS1104Z-Plus and try my hand and modifying some Python code. I started with the Kerr Smith update of rhelip's PyDSA. I have found the upgrade useful. I have done some reasonable testing, but you might (probably?) will find bugs.


* Updated version using Python 3.9 and latest PyVisa and NumPy
The code is updated with more function and robust interaction with the scope.

To use you should update to latest pyvisa (py -m pip install pyvisa)
Install latest numpy in same manner

Download PyDSA from the repo and off you go!

*Changelog Rossi, KK1L January & July 2021

* Python 3.9 update...syntax, call format changes, functions
* More robust scope communication
* On screen progress feedback
* Warning if scope is not triggered (used to crash)
* Warning if input signal is clipping at scope
* Can read from channel 1 or channel 2
* Peak detect information in header and marker on active waveform
* Added autoscaling...sets peak to nearest the top possible and dBm/div to fit
* Scaling change and offset works for all waves on the screen
* Can store up to 7 waveforms on the screen
* Most actions can be done while acquiring
* Added clear function which removes all waves and resets averaging/max-hold
* Scale changed to dBm and is accurate after autocalibration
*Use a sine wave of known magnitude and adjust the calibration factor for the right reading

* autocal will match the peak to the dBm you enter73 es God Bless de KK1L, Ron <><

Added a windows executable in the "dist" directory of the repository

73 es God Bless de KK1L, Ron <><

Found and fixed a bug with the display when changing the start or stop frequency.


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