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Hello all,

I want to buy usb avr programmer(already have PIC programmator), and i want know if this one is "good":


Many thanks for advice.

I use the AVR ISP MkII and it works well and is cheap.


I'm sure it'll do the job if you want it as cheap as possible.


--- Quote from: EEVblog on September 11, 2010, 11:13:41 pm ---I use the AVR ISP MkII and it works well and is cheap.


--- End quote ---

This one is much better, from my first one(up), because also support AVR studio. It's cost 39$.

I second the AVRISP Mk.II recommendation. It's an officially supported product, and very reliable.

Another interesting option for the hobbyist is the Atmel AVR Dragon (also an official Atmel product with AVR Studio support). It's slightly more expensive than the AVRISP Mk.II, but has more features. The advantages are that it supports debugging (both JTAG and debugWire, the 32kB limit has been removed) and high-voltage programming (useful if fuses are screwed up or you disabled the reset pin to gain an extra GPIO). The disadvantage is that it feels less like a professional product: it's just a bare board without case or cables. The first version (without mounting holes) had some reliability issues, the new version (more than a year old by now) with mounting holes is much better in that regard.

Install the latest version of AVR Studio and open the tools help for up-to-date documentation on these programmers.


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