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USB joystick project for PC/PS3


Hi eevblog folks,

I'd like to share with you this little project i'm working on. It's my first electonic project, and my first video (a lot of first times here). The project is not finished yet, but it's almost working. I managed to get there with the help from the people from eevblog forums so i'd like to thank them a lot.
I did my best for the quality of the video with what i had in hands, but when you combine some bad english, with a camera that does not auto-focus and a microphone that looses the sound then you move by a few cm (and someone who heavily breathes in it). Can't really expect wonders ;)
At last, i hope it will entertain you a little.


congrats! thats quite an accomplishment for a first project! good luck getting the joystick working right, its probably something simple...


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