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using CRT electron beam for something other then display?

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--- Quote from: HarryDoPECC on February 28, 2024, 04:48:32 am ---Selectron Memory

Very cool I think, arguably a/the pinnacle of tube technology. RCA abandoned it to concentrate on TV stuff, much to von Neumann's disgust.

Great site here http://www.rcaselectron.com/

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Wow, looking at the AFCRC (Air Force Cambridge Research Center Memory System), 14ft of rack and 6kW consumption for 5kb of RAM? It's a shame they didn't develop the 4kb part a bit quicker.

The link below is to a video that has a good look at the electron gun of a therapeutic electron linear accelerator.  The spooky parts of these machines are the copper microwave cavities that accelerate the electrons.


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