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Using rigol DS1052E with Kensigton inverter

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I have this cheap Kensigton Car Inverter

I think I should be OK with Wattage rating, mine is about 75W - 100W continuous rating. I'm not 100% sure, it's inside the car and I installed it under the dashboard 3 years ago and I don't want to take it apart if anyway I couldn't power the DSO with it. From the specs datasheet the Rigol should take less than 50W so I should be OK with that. My only concert is that the inverter is making square wave AC and I'm not sure if I will damage the oscilloscope with it and even when not if the measurement won't be distorted. For example when I powered laptop from the inverter and tried to play music it made very much noise. I think it's because the higher harmonics in the square wave. So now I'm afraid to use it with me measuring equipment. Have anybody experience with that?

Thank you. Anton

You will be fine with it. the output waveform is not a problem, the SMPS in the rigol is going to rectify the inverters output to DC anyhow and is a DC/DC converter anyhow.

If the inverter is a decent one it will have short circuit protection anyhow

afaik, only ac motor will be affected, most home appliances will reconvert anything ac back into dc (with proper circuit, not elcheapo half bridge rectifier or such), so should be fine. my speculation about your noisy laptop music, is due to harmonics through air, not through the power supply, just like when you put "calling" handphone near your pc or speaker. now, with this idea, make me think if possible to measure mains with the dso connected to inverted battery supply. iirc, some suggesting, its not possible and dangerous, but i cannot (or too lazy) find the reference back.

your problems with sound on the laptop may be due to the circuitry of the amplifier in the laptop picking up the inverters interfearance over the air rather than through the power line

Thank you very much, now I'm more confident :)

I think the inverter itself is rubbish, el cheapo. And I'm wondering why have people such high option on Kensigton brand, I think it's not good. There is fuse, but I think no other protection. Once inverted polarization on input and device was dead, it was replaced in the shop from where I got it without any question asked, but it was because of very stupid staff, but I wan't complaining :)

In meantime I have proper pure sine device 1000W constant and with much higher peak. Just it will be more complicated to install it into car (even temporary), so at the moment I'm holding it back and trying using the old one till I can. I wanted measure 3 signals in the car and thats it. So I could hold back installation of new inverter little longer.

The noise I think similar to the one who somebody described to me when he got cheap car charger for cellphone and connected cellphone o the car radio while charging. Not purified DC-DC or pulse power suply with huge spikes.

If it's picked by air then I could find out with small experiment. Laptop powered from battery inside car and something powered by inverter to make a load should make same results as I described before?

And about the batteries, in the shed I have 3 weak batteries (not good for car, but still usable when you require much lower voltages) and I was thinking to recharge the best one from them and with 1000W pure sine inverter measure some stuff. Good you mentioned it, I almost did it :) Thanks again.


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