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Vacuum Fluorescent Display Driver

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Oh okay, I should have realized it. I was focused on thinking both N and FN were DIP.

My attention was: new IC model 518 is the PLCC and old model is DIP; and both DIPs came in a N or FN option.

I bought six of these for $36


I'm still trying to make time for a daughter board, so this is why the thread hasn't been updated.

I've completed the schematic (it's nothing spectacular) and the PCB (see attached).

Rather than draw all the connections on the schematic, I used ports. Also, I may have wasted time creating a PCB with both ICs since ideally the surface mount replacement one can't be used since it keeps blowing, however, it opens the option for using the correct one should a need arise.

The schematic has some issues. The IC pins aren't labeled input or outputs, and all the ports are facing one way. The PCB shows pin 1 on the VFD being at the wrong end.

Unfortunately it took me a bit to re-familiarize myself with PCB layout along with creating components. Once I was knee deep, I just kept the errors as is.

Earlier I ordered the PCBs (I'm waiting to see if the company finds any issues).


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