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VAN bus interfacing (to read car speed and engine RPM Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI 2002)

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I'd like to read car speed and engine RPM  Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI 2002 and other if possible in similar fashion.
Maybe someone knows or have some hints how to do it with a little help of MPU in custom PCB?
Is it possible using eg. such simple VAN bus interface described there:  http://graham.auld.me.uk/projects/vanbus/van-pc.html connect to AVR MPU in this way

 based on Microchip MCP2551 CAN Transceiver connect to car bus?

For the moment, only connecting to car bus is the most important thing, since I wonder where I could plug such VAN/CAN connector to my car vehicle electronics network?  :-\
They mentioned on VAN bus interface to usb page linked above that:

--- Quote ---The software in the PIC was hacked together by observing the output from a Peugeot head unit and reading the Atmel TSS461F VAN Datalink controller datasheet. I would have liked to use one of the Atmel VAN controllers but I was not able to purchase one easily.
--- End quote ---
This looks like they successfully connected to Peugeot car somewhere, but I have no idea where to connect it in car to be able monitor car VAN in real time?
Inside Peugeot BSI unit -probably it is MUX version in my car, whatever it means  :-//
I read somewhere that such Peugeot external radio connectors like this is interface between black oryginal radio v8 connector in this Peugeot 206 car (or similar?):

--- Quote ---Pin nr. 1 – free
Pin nr. 2 – 9004 Van Data
Pin nr. 3 – 9005 Van Data Bar
Pin nr. 4 – XE24 + Van
Pin nr. 5 – 8409 antenna amplifier
Pin nr. 6 – CE18 + ignition
Pin nr.7 – BE11 + BSI
Pin nr. 8 – MC30 GND car
--- End quote ---
We have pins: 2 ,3 , 4 for VAN (I guess) and pin 8 as GND on VAN plug side in schematics above?

This what I wanted to do for the moment is basicly find place where to connect to car VAN and using fast optocoupler monitor car VAN network, so it looks like MCP2551 in read mode could be fine, but I'm a little bit overhelmed by amount of infrmation needed and lack of easy available car detailed datasheets howto interface this Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI 2002 year production VAN/CAN/MUX - what ever it has (probably MUX BSI version) to try sniff and detect vehicle speed and engine RPM  :palm:

I'm looking for some hints to speed up learning curve in this new very interesting topic.
I've found also another CAN/VAN bus interface manuals  8)

Vehicle Bus Analyzer Operator's Manual

CAN BUS Analyzer User's Guide


A CAN Physical Layer Discussion

An introduction to the CAN protocol that discusses the basics and key features
Controller Area Network (CAN) Basics

MCP2551 High-Speed CAN Transceiver (receiver)

Anyway this CAN IC is available in my favourite store at ~$1 price, so... I should have it in hands soon  >:D

Update: In this  VAN Interface IC MTC-30521 hopefully Data and DataB pins are explained

--- Quote ---Data - positive interface pin
DataB - negative interface pin

--- End quote ---

It is time to make teardown and see how non factory car radio was connected in car service a few years ago  :-/O

This may help


Yep, @zapta I've already found those nice pages and PIC ASM code to log VAN  https://van-bus.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/auldy_interface/VAN-USB/pic_code/main_3_1.asm after conversion to Atmel AVR code might be helpfull to fit into their formats than use other scripts on PC to investigate what is going on when driving a car  :-+

If you just want engine RPM or speed I would recommend using the OBD-II port. I have a 206 RC project car and I know that those standard PIDs are supported - or did the diesel not get OBD-II until later? In the connector you should have pure CAN, or K-line or that PWM thingy, and not this VAN stuff.

Another way to easily decode everything is to get some 3rd party service software such as peugeot planet and then examine the bus when sending various commands/responses.

Unfortunately the 2002 1.4HDi doesn't have OBDII as far as I know, it only got introduced on the 2003 model.
VAN is a knightmare to work with on a hobby level due to the lack of documentation. Easiest route is to try and get a copy of Peugeots DIAG2000 software and the appropriate cable.



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