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Variable voltage full scale ADC conditioning

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I just take the measurement from the other terminal. e.g. use two ADC inputs

I've just been building this circuit-I've attached a pic of the circuit I'm currently using (although I've missed out the gate drive resistors and some protection)

I'm simply using a passive voltage divider to scale down the 15V motor voltage to 2.5V, then using a differential amplifier, which is running off a +-2.5V supply due to a virtual ground circuit. This means that at rest the feedback is 2.5V, with 0V being full reverse and 5V being full forward, ideal if you're controlling this off a potentiometer or r/c system.

Even with the freewheeling diodes you will get some voltage spikes so it's best to include some fast clamping diodes at the input of the differential amplifier.


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