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Very fast LED driver for flash applications

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Terry Bites:

Terry Bites:
if you use an application specific MOSFET driver life will be a lot easier. Many have nanosecond rise times. I simulated this with LCW H9GP LEDS. Its a starting point. [attachimg=1]

What sort of power consumptions does these led drivers generally do ?

I think I would first go for (something like) that 555 driven circuit, with an extra current shunt and transistor to turn the fet into a current sink. Maybe even simplify to just a resistor for current limiting. It probably switches in less then a microseconds. Maybe a cap over R2 to compensate for the gate capacitance of the fet can make it a bit quicker still.

I would avoid any switching topology for this. Inductors need time to get some decent current through them, which will make your driver slow. Efficiency (as for regular lighting) is also total irrelevant for this.


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