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Very fast LED driver for flash applications

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Hi all,

I'm asking for advices about an LED Driver IC suitable for vision application. What I'm trying to archive is a flashlight with ON time of 0.5ms that is enough to take a photo in a short time.

Using LM3409 I can get a good quality illumination, but LEDs are fully ON only after 10ms. In this case I need a faster IC driver. Do you have any advice?

Microchip has some specialized LED drivers for camera flash applications:


Such as the MIC2870:


Have a look at Figure 2-13 for the chip's flash mode timings.

Similar chips are available from other manufacturers.

Not a single chip solution, but LED driver design for use with macro photography.



I forgot to specify that it's an industrial application. So I have a 24V to 48V power supply. These chip I've already seen, they are specific but unfortunately they have a low voltage range.

The design mentioned above supports higher voltage & current LED COB modules. We've used it with 36V LED COBs, with proper sized components can support over 60V.

Be sure to read the entire thread, and study the schematics. It's a simple design that uses cheap COTS parts, the last design at the end is more complex and involves a RPi. We never ended up building the last design tho, got side tracked with other projects, but did build the initial version and it worked quite well and has been in use. If you are interested in macro use, check out the modified Jansjo LED with much higher output LED COBs, these were used with the controller.




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