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Vibing DT Sensors & Mallory Sonalert


I have two piezo sensors that I want to use to measure heart rate and compare the accuracy of signal:

1. Flexible piezo electric sensor(https://www.mouser.ca/datasheet/2/418/5/NG_DS_DT_Series_without_Leads_A-1130506.pdf) - thin, flexible, can be used as wearable

2. Piezoelectric transducer(https://www.mouser.ca/datasheet/2/252/AST100Q-1519790.pdf) - smol so can also we used as wearable

However, I'm not sure if I can actually use this to get the heart rate measurement - I'm not sure if they are sensitive enough. The goal is to connect these piezos to an arduino nano 33 BLE and send the data to matlab. What do you guys think - in your experience, would these piezo sensors be able to detect heart rate if I tape the part around my finger or wrist ?

I never really used or heard of using these sensors as heart rate sensor. For heart rate measurement, these sensors are good.


I came across them as well - the only issue is I can't use optical based sensor as part of the requirements


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