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VID and PID for CP2102

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Hi all  :D,

We have done a simple project serial port relay control using AT89C2051. Now we need to use it via USB  8). We are not so good in using USB enabled microcontrollers  :-[ and also not willing to use ready made USB to RS232 converter cables. After searching on net we found that FTDI and SI labs chips can be used for our purpose. We are liking Si labs CP2102 because it has very low external components. After reading its Datasheet we saw that we can change VID and PID of the chip by changing the data in inbuilt EEPROM of CP2102.

Now our problem is we have only 2 pieces of CP2102 they are currently not available at our place. However their prices are quite low ($3.5 per unit). We have seen some people posted that their chip became unusable after changing VID and PID. So if someone has used the VID and PID changing utility available at
then please guide what we should not do while changing VID and PID.

Thanking you all in anticipation ;D.

After changing VID/PID you  will also need to update the .INF file that comes with the drivers to match the new VID/PID - you won't be able to load drivers unless you do this.

Hello sir Mike  :)

Lot of thanks for your reply.

Sir we haven't got the .inf file along with the driver there is only a CP210x_VCP_Win2K.exe file. From where we can get this .inf file  ????
Sir all the matter becomes pretty confusing as we found CustomUSBDriverWizard.exe available at ----------
Please let me know is this utility is compulsory for our purpose ???? We just want to show our team name while installing driver and under device manager :).
If there is any step by step guide available then please give me its link.

Please don't get irritated with my silly questions. :-[

.inf file is used for FTDI drivers - I was assuming Silabs would be similar but maybe not...
If silabs support changed VID/PID I'm sure there will be an appnote on their website about it...

There's probably an INF file in the installer package, the custom driver wizard might be the way to change this. Note that VID/PID's are assigned by the USB IF, so you either need to be a member or pay them some money to get one. Silabs may provide PID's to customers, I believe FTDI does.


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