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Voltech TF2000 remote control tool


Hi everyone!

I just want to share my git repository https://github.com/LM13700/TF2000-remote-tools with a very simple script in python, which allows reading data remotely from the TF2000 Frequency Response Analyzer. Hope somebody will find it useful. ;D

Thank you for sharing the code for Tf2000 but i am unable to run your code.Which IDE do you have used to Run this Code.i am using usb to serial port convertor.
Kind Regards
Abdul Waiz


sorry for the late reply. I've just updated the readme file with some instructions on how to prepare a setup.
I'm not using an IDE but Python's virtual environment, for code editing VS Code, but it's simply a personal preference.

In my setup, I also use a USB-to-serial converter. Are you sure you are using a properly connected cable? The readme file in the repo describes which pins need to be connected.

Please let me know if you still have any questions!



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