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Voltmeter not liner

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i have this curcet http://www.eleccircuit.com/icl7107-icl7106-digital-voltmeter/ and the voltage is fine at one end but way out on the other. for exampel an imput of 1 volt is corect on the meter but an imput of 19 is off by 10.

I assume that you are using the 1M ohm input resistor

From the details posted on the website ...

The voltmeter can also be configured to measure different voltage ranges and display higher voltage resolution. Replacing 1M with 100K resistor will allow to measure 0 – 19.99V voltages with 0.01V (10mV) accuracy.

i should have mentioned i am using the 100k

What do you get when you measure between pin 36 and ground ?

2 its suppose to be one isnt it


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