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Wanted Manufacturer - Custom Design Plastic Enclosure for Consumer Product

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i'm looking for manufacturer that can make my own design plastic enclosure into reality. the small size around 2.5" x 1.5" x 0.5" dimension, portable electronics consumer product stuff. preferably located in china, because their ems shipping cost is cheaper. but if you have suggestion from the far side of west, also please advice, maybe i can leverage the cost by bulk order. i'm not looking for ready made cuboid box, i can get that easy. i want custom my own made design, just like pcb we send gerber to manufacturer and they produce it, but this time is for plastic enclosure i send my cad they produce. if anyone working with company producing this kind of consumer products, you should have good resources on the manufacturer, and i ask for your help, thanks.

nov 2011 update: this can provide some nice plastic enclosure...
(but still limited custom option, prebuild stuffs)

my personal fav:

i've noted it earlier. its mainly for metal enclosure from the look of their website.
related threads are below. but the links i've browsed mostly for premade box. last time i suggested polycase can do custom box, but i cannot see anymore in their website.
Project Enclosures
Decent project boxes

Sadly, the community falls apart when it comes to getting real world experience on taking small projects to market. There's plenty of info on getting boards fabricated, but either people never move on to full production, or they don't want to share who they use for assembly, how they get cables made, who makes their enclosure, etc.

I've got a project that I'm slowly moving towards the market. I don't know what your budget is, but when I looked at custom enclosures, it's thousands of dollars. They have to make a mold specifically for you and that's not cheap. I ended up designing for an off the shelf enclosure, and I'll just have a manufacturer drill it and silk screen it. Much cheaper.

yes, i expect quite big investment on it. i hope i can manage. thats why i asked if there's china source, i hope they can be much cheaper compared to developed country manufacturer (even big company moved to china) @BAW: so is TV be gone a success? or failure? despite its huge initial invesment? big risk big chance? i've seen those non-cuboid more fancy shape enclosure, but none fit my current project (shape and size). and i know off the shelf can be customized to punch holes and printing. i'm thinking something like pictured below, but with my own arrangement of switches, battery compartment, antenna etc. i dont think customizing existing box will suffice my need, but i hope there will be premade that can satisfy me, still searching.

but not that complex, more like this simpler cheapo chinese product. i believe its custom box....

or this... i dont think it can be customized from the 2nd picture above (round shape on its front (below) vs not so round (above)) ??? they are different mould right? chinese people are very creative.

or special this...


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