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It looks that I had miss some episodes here.  :)
Any way, the truth is that there in no chance the story with the UV to have an honky dory turn out.
Some people are not educated enough so to participate in conversations, with people from other cultures.

My solution is to avoid totally any off topic conversation, and to avoid any member who has no interest about electronics.


Oh well I seem to have screwed my quoting up some how, my comments were directed at something Simon said a page or two back.......


and you caution other people about sensational titles, this very picture has been around for a long time and was already discussed. I really thought you had found something new !

I few weeks ago a student inferred, in front of many other people, I was a lazy cheat and I "should do the hard yards" (I was discussing a Matlab problem with another student and suggested reconstructing the help file example to get a better idea how the model worked), then a couple of weeks later a lecturer was commenting about the amount of copying that was going on and then, in front of the whole class, pointed his finger at this guy and his friend and said "If you guys work was any similar it would be identical".  Naturally I pointed out the irony, which he failed (or refused) to see, not that I'm trying to compare the OP with my situation - this post just reminded me of it!


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