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Help, Anyone know what's this transformer?

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does anyone know precisely what kind of transformer this is... indicated  on the schematic and BOM?

I have a project I'm putting together and I've got most of the parts, but I'm not quite sure what this one transformer is?
Is that 8 Ohms and 1 watt? Or is that 8 ohms and 1:1. I'm confused?

Thanks in advance!

I keep thinking its something like this? Maybe?


8 Ohm to 1000 Ohm impedance transformer.

Ok thanks a lot, that makes sense actually... 8/1 K.
The part about it being a matching transformer was throwing me off since there isn't two of them, wasn't sure if that meant matching windings like a 1:1?

Impedance ratio is proportional to turns ratio squared. 1000/8=125 impedance ratio. Square root of 125 is 11.18, we take 11 as integer turns ratio. So you will need 1:11 turn ratio transformer, the winding with less turns connected to 8 Ohm side.


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