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What's this blade-style connector?

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I'm looking at a MeanWell power supply, http://www.meanwell.com/search/SE-1000/SE-1000-spec.pdf, and the output voltage is on two humongous blades/lugs sticking out of the end.  Anyone have any idea what those are supposed to connect to?

The next cheapest supply with this rating is $140 more expensive, and I'd like to avoid paying that much just to get a set of normal screw terminals.  These things look like they'd be nearly impossible to safely insulate without the appropriate mounting fixture.

They're just bars with holes in, which you bolt through (M8 I think) and use standard crimp terminals to connect to the bolts.

The reason these have these bars instead of screw terminals is because the 5V power supply can output 150A! The bars are there to handle the current.

The next model up has civilized blocks with screws, not these uninsulated bars sticking 1.5" out of the chassis.  You're right, though, the model with the screws only goes down to 12v/60A.

I wouldn't mind so much if they weren't so long.  I suppose I can make a plastic sleeve or just put some heat shrink over them.

I'm sure that power supply is designed for fixed installation. It's not a free standing bench supply.


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