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Wire-to-board power connectors

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I've been using headers for most things but now I need a nice connect that can carry a bit more current. We're talking 4 - 5 amps or something like that. Any recommendations for connectors that are polarized and easy to attach? They should preferrably be common and easy to get. Small size and footprint is a big plus.

I'm also interested if anyone has tips about connecter that carry even more current, let's say up to 10A.

Perhaps a JST part will suit your somewhat vague requirements (www.jst-mfg.com).

I've used these kind of plug/socket for high current pcb connections before.
The screw terminals make them good for some applications and not so good for others.
But they can handle up to 15A


I looked at both Molex Micro-Fit and TE Mate-N-Lok and from the looks of the drawings... they seem to fit each other? Anyway, I went with Farnell's copy (Multicomp) of those connectors. On the other hand, I might go with screw terminals after all...

Depends on your application, quantity, etc.  We use a lot of .1" headers for power distribution.  As current goes up, the trick is to parallel conductors, 3, 5 or even 10.  Since they are relatively low cost, they are a good solution for quantities.  You can get ribbon cable in 26 and 28 AWG, but 24 is also available.  0.1" headers are generally rated at 1 amp per contact, so the wire R is the limiting factor.  So amps are not a problem.  Higher current we generally go with a Moxex style Mate-N-Loc type connector.  10 amps is no problem with these.

Using the molded plug in style (combi-con), as shown by one poster, is a nice connector, but in relative terms very expensive.



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