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Working with CSI


I'm working with an Allwinner A33, which is a 1.2Ghz quad core MPU. I want to connect this to two cameras, however, I have two problems.

* There is only one CSI bus.
* The CSI format is "CCIR601" which appears to be synonymous to: Rec. 601, BT. 601 and ITU.RHere are some details pulled from the datasheet.

My question is a four-parter.

* Is there a way to interface two camera into the same bus?
* Is the defacto standard to find a sensor that has this output, or do some conversion? In hardware or otherwise.
* Does anyone have some documents or resources for learning more about this? I'm not sure if it's obvious but I'm pretty new to working with cameras at the sensor level.
* Is there a huge matrix of camera sensors anywhere?

You can use 2:1 multiplexer, I used this TS3DV642A0RUAR. You will only be able to get data of one camera at a time. I dont know your exact requirements and my reply is probably too late. Might be helpful to future someone.


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