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Wurth vs Nichicon Capacitors regarding Life (twice the life @ half the cost?)

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100uf 25v caps:  Wurth 860240474005 offers almost 2x the 105C life (8000 vs 5000 hrs) of the Nichicon UPV1E101MGD1TD at half the cost ($0.34 vs 0.71) at Digikey

I'm looking for the longest lasting electrolytic in a low temp application (Belkin KVM switch).

Given the low price, should I expect the Wurth to have significantly greater life?


There's nothing wrong with Wurth and nothing magical about Nichicon.  I think both are likely to last an eternity in your application provided the ripple current and voltage are low enough.  Comparing specifications between manufacturers is tricky and I wouldn't read too much into that.  I would use whichever physically fit the best, was most readily available and cost the least--in that order.

Pro tip, never take the price of a W├╝rth component from Digikey, as it often times will be orders of magnitude more than what you actually pay for the part if you buy directly from them. Maybe not for this part. And the same can be true for other suppliers.

Thanks for the replies,

The caps in question are identical spec and size wise.
I was surprised that 10% had significantly shorter lives (perhaps once they degrade beyond the 10%, they are considered "failed.)

I'll get some Wurth.  Never had any.

I'd advise buying from Wurth directly too. They are cheap, deliver quickly and are very friendly.
They also sell some SMD components kits with a lifetime free refill , which is great for prototyping.


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