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Anyone have any actual experience with YOYcart.com ? Are they a possible complete scam?
I've been searching for an old machine LCD, and after days only ever found 1 possible from reliable sites. Yet, I find 100s from 4-6 suppliers on
YOYO ??? None of them reply to questions though and their checkout is waay sus. Just looking for actual experience before I do a test run.

No takers? Just looking for anyone with any dealings at all. I did a couple test runs, and cancelled after suspect requests -
I can't see how they could be a 100% scam with many 100s+ listings (possibly 1000s). An unregulated ebay clone?



--- Quote from: thm_w --- ... ca.trustpilot.com/review/www.yoycart.com ...
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Tks. Saw all those. Just looking for any actual experience. Hard to believe it's a 100% scam for all those listings.

Can you post the LCD part number?
They seem to be scraping some listings from TaoBao. It could be some automated system that re-lists translated items, which would explain why a lot of the description/shiping costs/etc gets screwed up.

In terms of buying from taobao, if the seller has a number of purchases they are legit. A lot of zero purchases its hard to tell if seller is legit or they even have the item (I haven't had any experience with disputes/refunds so can't comment on that). Easiest to buy through an agent (ie basetao, etc.). The seller will ship to them and then re-ship to your country.


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