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zebra strip contacts for LCD

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Any one knows where to get this?  ;D

The classic answer would be try ebay ...

Even so, the zebra strip contacts , its one product not so widely available.
The quality of it , it is very important in long term.

And the even more worst fact are, that on ebay many people are trying to rip you off.

About the fact , if it worth it , to search for zebra strip contacts ..
Its all about the cost of the device that you own.

Anything cheapy as device, it does not worth repairing it.

And my general advice are , do not mess-up with your LCD display or zebra strip contacts , if both of them works as it should.

Am not repairing anything  ;D

I got tiny LCD's for my customer and I need zebra strips to connect them to my PCB ;)

In this case you have a big problem.

You should order the specific (in specs) zebra strip, that works with the LCD that you got. 
And to build the PCB accordingly. 

I know one store that has those http://www.elektroniksc.com.pl/?sGrupa=PODZESPO%A3Y&p=main&str=2 (items 0088, 0076, 0074, 0064) but I don't suppose that you know polish language ;) Prices are in PLN, it's a rather small site so probably they don't sell abroad very often.


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