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[PROTEUS] how to simulate a random level sine waveform ?


Hi !

Does anyone kown how to generate /simulate a Random level between -10/+10 V sine waveform on Isis ( Proteus Labcenter) with a 400Hz frequency ?

You'll have to be more specific.  What aspect of it is random?

If you are asking for anything but a sine wave, it's not a sine wave.  By definition.  Simulations are mathematical abstractions, so you're working in the domain of math, and definitions matter!

Perhaps you mean a modulated sine wave, where the amplitude varies slowly and randomly?

Beware that random events aren't generally very useful, especially if they are different each time (inconsistent simulations!).  Step or impulse type signals or modulations are more common.


Not useful, but I wanted to thank you for the sine wave picture -- I laughed so much!


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