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Female Header / CONN-SIL spacing in Proteus



I am inserting a Female Header / CONN-SIL in Proteus.


(1) I need a CONN-SIL20 (20-pin) package but the largest I have is 18 (at the moment I am trying to put 2x10 side by side)

(2) When I print the layout to scale on a printer, all my design is correct, but the female header pins are not matching to the printed layout. I already tried to set it to 2.54 snap grid but it still does not match.


Simplest way is to copy the 18-pin and then add two more identical pins (except for the pin numbers). Copy and paste in the schematic and layout editors makes this very simple and quick. Then adjust the silkscreen, etc, to encompass the extra pins.

Extending a connector in this way is about as simple as you can get and a useful introduction to making your own components. For the schematic, follow these steps:

1. Place the CONN-SIL18 connector, right click it and select 'Decompose tagged objects'. You should end up with the decomposed symbol and script as shown in the first screeny.

2. Drag select the last two pins, right click and select 'Block Copy'. Drag 'em right 0.1".

3. Double-click the new duplicate pin 17 and change 'Number' to 19.

4. Repeat for the duplicate 18 and make it 20. You should now have the 20-pin connector shown in screeny 4.

x. Double-click the script and change any instance of '18' to '20'. (Note, I missed this step in the following screeny. It is fixable later but better to get it done in one go here.)

5. Drag select the entire thing, right click and select 'Make Package'.

That's your schematic symbol. The PCB footprint is essentially the same process.

Thanks a lot - it worked




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