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How to separate two GND in Proteus

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I discovered something new in my Proteus 8!
Look into the pic.

I do not have all the terminals in my list like you guys!

what is wrong on my side?

Nobody has any idea why in my Proteus is missing the Chassie terminal simbol?  :palm:

Sorry, not a clue. Wonder if it depends on which level of Proteus you have. In any case, you can add a new one yourself - it only wants a name and net label.

Can you pls help me how to add a ne one?
If I add a new GND simbol to my Terminal list, will that gnd be separated from any other gnd in the schematic?
Would that gnd be a reference gnd for only in the circuit where it is connected?

I use Proteus 8 Professional.

From the help file:

--- Quote ---ISIS permits the definition of user defined symbols for use as logical or physical terminals. These are made in the same way as ordinary symbols except that you must place a Node marker to specify the position of the terminal's connection point, and a Label marker to specify the position and orientation of its net label.

To make a user defined terminal

* Select an appropriate 2D graphics icon - typically the Line icon - from the Mode Selector toolbar

* In the Object Selector select an appropriate graphics style. This will nearly always be the TERMINAL style though the BUS WIRE style may also be appropriate for small parts of the symbol.

*Select and place graphics objects as required to form the body of the terminal. Any graphic that needs to have a fixed appearance should be edited, the appropriate Follow Global? checkboxes unchecked and the graphics style attribute changed.

*Select the Markers icon.  Place a Node or Busnode marker where you want the wire or bus to connect the terminal, and a Label marker where you want its net label to be. You can also place an Origin marker to define where its origin will be.

* Tag the objects that will comprise the port by by entering selection mode and dragging a tag-box around them with the left mouse button.

* Invoke the Make Symbol command, set the type to Terminal and then select a name and library for the new terminal.
Click OK to complete the operation.
--- End quote ---

Or, to put it another way, go through the motions of creating a symbol (just draw it with a line of style TERMINAL), add a MARKER where you want the wire to connect, select them all, right click and select "Make Symbol" and make sure it's of type TERMINAL. Very similar to making a component except you use the TERMINAL line style (I imagine you could use something else if you wanted, but TERMINAL has specific colour and thickness properties) and don't have any pins.

Strangley, when I looked at this yesterday I could right click in the terminals tray and select 'create'. No idea why that doesn't work for me now.


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