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Problem with custom made transformer in Proteus


Hi All,
For my SMPS project, I made a custom transformer in proteus 8.1. I took the base transformer model TRAN-2P3S from standard Proetus library and modified to TRAN-2P6S (with 6 secondary). Before integrating this custom made transformer, I tried to test it by applying the square pulse through a pulse generator. The original one gives the output but custom made transformer doesn't. Though I defined all I/P and O/P points in child sheet. Can some one pls help me?
Pls download the circuit from below link...I defined the child sheet also in test simulation.
The simulation file is also attached with the message.
Thanks for your help in advance guys.
Best regards

Most likely, you have not included the new windings in the spice model.

Of course, I included the windings. Pls down load the Proteus model and have a look.

can someone help on this Proteus topic?


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