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Proteus Design Suite Automatically closes uncertainly.

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Hey guys, I just installed Proteus Design Suite v8.9 on my computer. But the problem is that the software automatically closes when a simulation is running, or when a schematic is being made. Even during a simple circuit simulation of a Battery, resistor and a LED, the software closes. I've had this problem in Proteus v8.7, v8.8 and now v8.9. I updated to 8.9 hoping the problem would solve but it is still the same. I've lost so many important schematics till now, even when designing it's not just convenient. Anyone facing the same problems? And any ideas how to solve the problems? Appreciate your help.

Contact their support. They are generally quite good and unlike other vendors will genuinely investigate.

Did you solve the problem? I also have such a problem.
Do you use the official version? or hacked?

Could be an issue with bad RAM, or bad VRAM if using some sort of GFX compute acceleration.
An error like that could create a situation where the app just terminates.

Run a RAM and VRAM test for a while and see if you find any errors.

I had the same problem for years,  never solved, and moved away from this toy software


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