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Title: Proteus - Generators - Isolate Before
Post by: hyprfrcv on June 06, 2018, 05:02:09 am
For Labcenter Proteus Professional 8.

Regarding the Isolate Before ckeckbox inside Generator Properties dialog box:

Isolate Before? - Specify whether or not a generator placed in the middle of a wire acts to 'break' the wire to which it is connected, isolating the net to which the generator points from the net behind it. The check box has no affect on a generator connected directly to a net by a single wire.

Do somebody used this?

Which is the sense of this?. It is currently implemented, actually?

i have tried several circuits, but while the Generator concept in Proteus is to introduce an ideal probe injecting (or sunking) energy, one should not take care about any "isolation" (breaking just in the probing point) at all.
When tried to used this, for looking how the feature "cuts" the cable, the simulation arise the error "Probe Object is Ambiguously Placed".

Hence i realize this feature is totally worthless.