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Proteus - EasyHDL NODE Command
« on: June 04, 2018, 05:32:14 pm »
I am still intrigued with Labcenter Electronics, Proteus Professional 8. about the EasyHDL Language for Analog models, in particular on how to use the NODE Command.

At first i went into EasyHDL NODE Command, with expressions documented solely in the program help (and in some google site which mainly replicate them in an exact way), like that:
    NODE V(MyAnalogPin)
    NODE I(MyAnalogPin)
    NODE V(MyAnalogPin1,MyAnalogPin2)
    NODE I(MyAnalogPin1,MyAnalogPin2)
    NODE VOUT(MyAnalogPin)

All them embedded inside a custom "Make a Device", as a Text Script:
    <NODE declarations>

for example doing something like:
    NODE V(Out1)

    <NODE declarations>

The last case is out of my use, because i am not looking for generators (which are enough documented), but for analog models (with inputs and outputs).

None of the written sintaxis worked actually. I didnt find any working sample not any functional tutorial in the whole internet.  Hence, i concluded that Proteus simply do not supports the EasyHDL NODE commands for designing an analog device.

Do somebody have a functional example for EasyHDL NODE Commands for Analog models?.
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