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Has anyone used the Proteus Simulator (Isis) ?What do you think of it? I have used the Demo version only and it's potential seems (to me) to be great.BUT I've found bugs in it's LCD simulation on, to my mind, a fundemental level.I've simulated a known working circuit of a 2x16 line lcd displaying the values of ano to an2 and the display is garbled in Isis but is ok in real life.Working within the limitations of this cripple ware I tried a different approach (as the demo does not allow you to create your own designs) and used sword fish and its Isis plug in which has a couple of development boards in isis format to play with.I have had more success down this route and  can now get the LCD to display correctly but it fails miserably when scrolled.Check out my thread on the Labcentre forum
Am I doing something wrong? Or is the module flawed? any help would be great as I like the product but won't part with my hard earned until I know that it 'Does what it says on the tin' Thanks In Advance. :-\


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