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Title: Proteus Library parts needed
Post by: SheldonNyce on July 13, 2019, 01:25:42 pm
Hi Guys!

I need to simulate some components that I cannot find in the standard Proteus library downloaded with the software. I need to simulate a Maxim Integrated MAX44009 lux sensor, an Omron D6t-1A-02 thermal sensor, an Omron D6T-44L-06 thermal sensor all on a PIC24 MCU that I cannot find in the downloaded Proteus MCU.

Are there companies/individuals who can build libraries for simulation in the Proteus environment, and if so, could you perhaps make some recommendations?

I emailed Proteus directly to ask the same question, but have yet to receive a response. I also searched for tutorials on "how to make Proteus libraries for simulation", but all I could find was tutorials on how to make components for the PCB layout.

Any recommendations? I would be grateful for any input. \$\Omega\$