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Solder resist problem

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I used to generate  gerber files with Proteus 8.4 and never had a problem. Now I am trying Proteus 8.6 and noted some problems with the gerber files that it generates, at least with the solder resist mask. The pads of some components, in particular smd, are covered by the solder resist mask, al least when viewing with external 3d gerber viewer like http://mayhewlabs.com/3dpcb.
This also happens with some through hole component (for example SIL header connectors).

The same  happens with Proteus 8.5 so I assume that it is my fault.
Any idea of what can I be doing wrong?


Check the guard gap setting for the pads in question.  "not present" = covered pad.

Somewhat painful to check, actually.

Place the footprint.  Decompose.  Select a pad to learn its name.  You might be able to edit the pad properties directly here, not sure.  If not, choose the appropriate pad type picker.  Choose the pad from the pick list.  Edit.

That was my first thought. But it doesn't solve the problem. The first image (img1) corresponds to a gerber file made with version 8.4, the second one (img2) is the one that was done with version 8.6. Both with the same project.
If I inspect the gerber file with Proteus' gerber viewer everything seems to be ok, but if I use any other external program what I see is like the second image.

This is the gerber file. Using Proteus' gerber viewer it seems to be ok, but with external 3d gerber viewers, the smd pads are covered by the solder mask (also some trough hole pads)

Maybe it's your external viewer and how it does the rendering. I looked at the files with ViewMate and the resist layer looks fine. Red is the copper. Blue is the silkscreen. Green is the resist layer. The yellow is where the green and red overlap. You can see the green border around the pads where the resist is cut back a bit from the copper.


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