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Las vías se utilizan para unir eléctrica y térmicamente trazas, pads y polígonos
en diferentes capas de una PCB.
¿Qué tamaño deben tener las vías para 10A, Proteus 8.13

De que manera puedo realizar  "ranura" Conforme al grafico uno (circulo de color amarillo), en Proteus 8.13
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--- Quote from: Harol on November 06, 2023, 03:19:02 pm ---Hello Forum
Vias are used to electrically and thermally join traces, pads and polygons
on different layers of a PCB.
How big should the vias be for 10A, Proteus 8.13

How can I make a "slot" According to graph one (yellow circle), in Proteus 8.13
Thanks Forum

--- End quote ---

I would not send 10A through a via. Only a component hole such as a relay or a terminal block that has a pin going through it that will wick solder through it. If you must use vias, use a number of them to spread the load. The exact size/qty will depend on the plating thickness. Contact your PCB manufacturer.

A slot is created by drawing a shape on the slot layer using any of the graphing tools.


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