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Hello. Im looking at several schematic/simulators. Tried Circuit JS and it was very interesting. Very useful to actually watch where all the current was going. Made tuning my circuit a snap. But its mostly generic parts. The breadboard circuit did not work like the simulation. So looking around at several others and ran into Proteus. But which Proteus? I ran into 8.14 and 8.9. The website says the latest is 8.14. So 8.9 must be scammers luring clicks to pass out trojans on the higher version number. A sneaky trick. But I find reviews all over the place for 8.6 and 8.9. With tutorals on how to get started. So is there 2 different Proteuses out there for circuit design? Its got me stumped. I left a comment on a page that tutors on 8.9. But they deleted my comment. Hah. That makes me even more paranoid.  :-//

8.9 was an actual release (from around May 2019) and 8.14 is the latest release version.

However, if you're looking at downloading 8.9 then that suggests you're after a hookey copy (otherwise why not just download from their web site), and in that case any version should be suspect regardless of what version it's alleged to be.

Well that still doesnt make alot of sense to me. Im an actual engineer. And when Im told that a higher revision number is older than a lower revision number, Im not going to be quick to download anything till I can make sense of the story. For all I know, the Proteus website I found is the fake page ready to send me a trojan. And if they are both legit, then why did they derail on standard version number norms? Is one a light version and one a pro? Or is one a 32bit versus a 64bit? I certainly wont get the strait story if scammers are responding to me. So Im asking the same question on several sites besides the pages offering the downloads. That way I am sure to get good info eventually. Only then will I do a download, if it looks like it could fit my needs. Right off the top I would have figured 8.9 is the latest release. Thats the way version numbering works.


--- Quote ---when Im told that a higher revision number is older than a lower revision number
--- End quote ---

It is 8.14, not 8.1.4. '14' is bigger, later, than '9'.

Catches me out sometimes :) Worst I've come across is Waterfox, where 4.1 seems to be later than 4.1.2

OMG. I didnt even see that.  |O. I have a touch of dyslexia that bites me from time to time. That must be what happened. Anyways, so I quess the Labcenter.com site is legit.


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