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General Chat / Re: Currently fuming over Altium
« Last post by tom66 on Today at 07:27:00 am »
For what it's worth, the files are often cached on your machine (see attached for example.)

It should be possible to import them in to a new instance of CircuitMaker or use Altium to open them.

I am really not sure what Altium is doing with CircuitMaker.  They seem to have partially abandoned it but there are still software updates here and there.  I'm not sure that they really know what to do with it at this point.
General Chat / Re: how long are multimeter models good for?
« Last post by mdszy on Today at 07:26:45 am »
For whatever it's worth, I've had an EX330 since I started messing with this stuff ~6 years ago and I still love mine. Never had any issues, works great, does what I need it to do.
General Chat / Re: Currently fuming over Altium
« Last post by tyguy2 on Today at 07:21:31 am »
PM Sent, here's to hoping  :-\
Wood does certainly have disadvantages, but when you live in an earthquake zone like the west coast of the US, the flexibility of wood structures is an advantage. Brick buildings collapse, wood buildings sway. Also wood is abundant in this region so it's a lot less expensive than building out of brick or concrete.

Everything is a compromise though.
General Chat / Re: 20W Halogen bulb viewed by a photodiode
« Last post by tom66 on Today at 07:18:48 am »
If you have a plasma TV, you'll get some interesting effects looking at that with your photodiode.

High speed video of a plasma TV:
Beginners / Re: Buying 3D printer
« Last post by tggzzz on Today at 07:17:58 am »
All talk about the printer, but that is useless without some design to print. How do folks actually create the design, particularly complex designs?

Isn't that most significant aspect of this, and the most difficult hurdle?

That's a good point. The answer depends on what you are trying to create. The tools for creating a head as shoulders bust are different to those for creating a box.

For creating a box, I'd use a declarative computer language where the various dimensions can be specified by parameters p assed to functions. See  OpenSCAD for example.
Thermal Imaging / Re: ZnSe lenses on Ebay
« Last post by havewattwilltravel on Today at 07:17:01 am »
I'm not sure which line on their website tweaks me more, that their lenses are available in "diamond-like coatings" or that most of them are thorium-free.

Now I'm not sure whether to take out a mortgage or buy a Geiger counter before continuing.
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Industrial/rugged PC recommendations?
« Last post by TomS_ on Today at 07:16:57 am »
If you're worried about future availability, perhaps look at PC/104 style computers. At the very least you should find a drop in alternative for the processor.
General Chat / Re: Mr. Carlson reviews a Vacuum Tube Opamp module.
« Last post by cpuerror on Today at 07:16:52 am »
I wish he would get invited to be a guest on the amp hour.
Beginners / Re: Recommendations for microscope, given my use case
« Last post by Discotech on Today at 07:15:54 am »
There's only really Amscope then if you don't want to go through Aliexpress route

Those USB scopes aren't really worth it, the only decent ones are the Andonstar ADSM201 and ADSM301
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