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Do some rough math to work out what a "success disaster" would look like, and don't forget that practical production yields will be less than 100%.

For example, if a particularly expensive part is only available in full reels of 250, what happens if (ignoring yields & spares) you need to deliver 251 units?

Also, your full prototypes should include everything you plan to include, and a real shipping box both to prevent surprises in how much packaging can cost, but also to get you a much closer idea on what shipping will actually cost.
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Next step from AVR
« Last post by ataradov on Today at 06:26:53 pm »
And, as I mentioned in my original message, SiFive has prebuilt gcc toolchain, prebuilt and configured Eclipse IDE, and prebuilt Arduino IDE plug-ins, if you like that kind of stuff.
But no usable hardware. What do you want us to do with that IDE? You can use it for in-house development, that's fine.

The Linux board is clearly not a replacement for AVR, nor it is in a requested price range.

Release something, then promote it, not the other way around.

And if that mythical MCU will have the same silly interrupt controller requiring 30+ instructions to enter and exit an interrupt, and a whole bunch of assembly code, then I doubt anyone will be interested. It is not 90-s anymore, thankfully. This and peripherals are the important part. The core is irrelevant really, unless you are fighting some freedom fight, which you will lose even with SiFive, since none of the CPU source code will be published.
Of course  if you are making a higher value low volume camera, one answer would simply  be to harvest chips  from genuine cameras.
Beginners / Re: Chip making process
« Last post by Kjelt on Today at 06:25:04 pm »
why masks are so expensive is the other question I'm curious about --- is there a ton of human labour involved, and/or do they take a very long time to make?)
I was curious about this to. AFAIK with modern low nm processes the costs for a reticle are in the specialized software and processing time to create the reticles.
It is no longer a simple question of " I want an unexposed square form on my wafer so the reticle has a square black shape on it 4 times bigger than on the wafer".
You need to take into account the UV laserlight, lens deviations, abberations on the edge, reflections and I don't know what more. If you look at the finished reticle you don't recognize the original pattern but it is what you finally get on the wafer. There are lots and lots of raytracing and calculations needed, and ofcourse the accurate creation of the reticle, even 4 times bigger you still need 10's of nm accuracy on your pattern. IIRC it takes at least a month to create a complete reticle set.
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Is there any bigger 5V or 5V-tolerant FPGA?
« Last post by technix on Today at 06:24:30 pm »
There was a thread asking for smaller ones, now I am asking for bigger ones that can fit a MMU in. The target processor is 68010/68331. (I know 68331 can run at 3.3V coupled to XC6SLX9 but it also runs at 5V and 68010 flat out requires 5V)

Or how do I implement proper level shifting? I know it uses rows of 74LVC8T245 but how to control the DIR bad OE lines?
General Chat / Re: RS Components and same day shipping
« Last post by station240 on Today at 06:24:12 pm »
Come to Australia, where hardly anything I bought off RS is even in the country.
5 days to arrive, sometimes 6.
Sure you get next day delivery on the one or two parts they had in stock locally.

But yes I have seen stuff that was supposed to be next day, take an extra day. Best guess it was hard to find/get to and so left till the next morning.
General Chat / Re: youtube down!
« Last post by MK14 on Today at 06:24:10 pm »
Quite a childish post.

I was already laughing about 'wait for the official explanation'.  Because that will be 100% true, for sure. Like the Skripals production.

So, I'm WRONG, and we should listen to all the conspiracy theories about what happened.

The following video, a few hours old, seems to be titled:
"YouTube went down... Was it to quarantine and erase a video of something hitting the moon?"

Hopefully, I do not need to state, my opinion, as to the validity, of such claims ?

Anyway, going now, into my "safe" bunker, 50 feet underground, putting my tinfoil hat on, while on the way there. So, I may be away for a while. Don't worry, the Earth should still be around for a few minutes, before the asteroids hit it.

Have you considered going through an optocoupler for added isolation & protection?
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Next step from AVR
« Last post by brucehoult on Today at 06:21:46 pm »
Of course there is. No one has ever said otherwise. They have, however, complained about the process of getting a toolchain up and running.
Toolchain as in compiler+debugger+IDE.  Not your build yourself from Git stuff. There are great official GCC binaries built by ARM for all platforms. There is no effort involved in getting that going.

And, as I mentioned in my original message, SiFive has prebuilt gcc toolchain, prebuilt and configured Eclipse IDE, and prebuilt Arduino IDE plug-ins, if you like that kind of stuff.
Yeah, no real isolation if the resistors fail short the board is toast after the Zener fails. I guess I could drive an optocoupler with the voltage divided value. Then I wouldn't need the Zener at all. However, not sure the cost of the optocoupler. I have some around here, though. This is a one-off.

The ground of the radios is 0V DC ground, connected to the mains Earth ground.

The 150V from the radio is regulated by an OA2 vacuum tube (kinda like a 150V Zener).
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