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Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by vk6zgo on Today at 12:22:27 am »
Thanks for the input, but here's the thing, I genuinely don't know the advantages and disadvantages as I'm neither into programming or involved with any form of IT. So what I did was to use Google so no movies or anything else was involved, and I deliberately avoided sites such as internet providers who have a vested interest in promoting whatever their system is. For instance Avast says suggested similar to what I posted and as such, they have no personal axe to grind so to speak.  :popcorn:

Avast have a vast interest (no, I will not apologise) in fostering paranoia so that they can shift more product. Which is a crap one btw, being such a huge pile of bloatware you may as well have viruses replicating in your HDD using up all the free space.   :-\

There was a time when it was a much more honest product, prior to the paid version appearing.
Using it after having lived with the horribly intrusive Norton was a dream.

Why do all good things turn to crap when the "profit motive" overrides less rapacious feelings?

Dear old Asus shipped this thing with McAfee----Aaargh!
There was the option to turn it off, so when I changed from Window 10"S" (for "stupid'), I did so, & am relying on "Windows Defender", which doesn't seem all that bad!
General Technical Chat / Re: Pi "foundation" gets fatter
« Last post by eti on Today at 12:22:01 am »
They’re fools. They need to hand the reigns over to someone competent, or just dump the whole thing.

Yes, fools who've sold 40 million+ SBCs and completely revolutionised the industry, leading to countless "me too" single-board computers.

I remember before the Pi a typical ARM system on board like the Pi would cost hundreds, have buggy drivers and limited support and be twice the size.

They are clearly clueless idiots, not an idea.

🚨🚨 Hyperbole alert! "Revolutionised" detected 😁
Beginners / Re: Bga rework
« Last post by james_s on Today at 12:18:19 am »
Practice practice practice, old broadband routers and DSL modems and such make good guinea pigs. It's funny seeing BGA rework in the "beginners" section, that is definitely an advanced topic.
It may have just been GPS still, GPS receiver technology has come a long way. I have an ancient handheld Garmin GPS that normally won't even lock indoors unless I set it right on the windowsill and even then it is unreliable and takes a while. I have some modern GPS modules that will get a lock within seconds even downstairs in a windowless room. It's truly remarkable when you consider how minute the signal is to begin with and how heavily it is attenuated by many building materials. I think GPS in general is one of the modern wonders of the world, if you proposed such a system I'd tell you it was impossible and would never work if not for the fact that it exists already and it does work.
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by vk6zgo on Today at 12:11:04 am »

Erm, exactly. 50km is not a movie scenario where the comely blonde female detective says "Can you track his IP address?" and the geek with the Goth/RPG fixation says "Sure" and their computer zooms in on a map with a street address and the IP address next to a flashing beacon and the geek says "They're in the back southeast corner of the 3rd floor apartment at 123, 45th Street.".

That only happens if the IPv4 address is from the Hollywood allocation block, starting with 320.0.0.0/8 and up. (Of course an 8-bit byte can reach a value of 300+ in decimal. In the USA everything is bigger, so their bits hold much more data!  :-DD :-DD :-DD
Stay the fuck away from my bits widdat scope, ya perv!!!  :-DD

oh, okay... maybe just a little :-/O...    >:D

Guys, can someone get out the extra-large Probulator? The fireproof one.

It's in the big wooden box underneath the "Three & one eighth inch Diaper!"
Beginners / Re: Bga rework
« Last post by Softboxdz on Today at 12:10:02 am »
Yes I did it …. But what did you said about the form of balls
Test Equipment / Re: 53131A/53132A/53181A Question
« Last post by james_s on Today at 12:08:15 am »
This is a somewhat old thread and the ebay displays appear to be sold out so that may not be an option now.

It may be possible to have a run of replacement displays made, I was surprised a few years back when someone got a small run of custom LCD displays at a price that was much cheaper than I expected. I suppose a custom LCD could be a viable option for instruments like this although I think the VFD looks a lot nicer. If somebody made a graphical TFT or OLED panel with the right aspect ratio that would probably result in a nice looking display but getting the size and aspect ratio right is the challenge. A custom LED display might be viable, COB LED module with a molded plastic light guide, I have no idea if anyone makes those in small quantities but China has impressed me before.
3D printing / Re: Black PLA any Brand Recommendations ?
« Last post by xrunner on Today at 12:04:19 am »
I tried Atomic filament a couple of years ago and that's the only brand I buy now. In fact I got two rolls due tonight according to USPS (I'll believe that when I see it  :P)

Turquoise and pine green

Seems very high quality. But who can try all the brands, there are so many?
Dodgy Technology / Re: Bad/bloated web design
« Last post by james_s on Today at 12:03:34 am »
The worst one I encounter regularly is the local news site If you happen to mouse over the nav bar at the top an overlay pops up that obstructs the entire screen and sometimes it's hard to make it go away. I cannot even fathom why somebody thought that was desirable behavior. 20 years ago they had a very nice clean site that just worked.
Beginners / Re: What are those spikes after transients?
« Last post by David Hess on Today at 12:02:55 am »
The spikes are caused by wiring inductance, including the probe's ground lead, and a common problem with breadboard construction.

I think that microseconds long settling time anomaly is caused by reflections between the fast switching load and power supply.  A local bulk decoupling capacitor should remove it.
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