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150A Art No.:FT08 high-precision watt meter and power analyzer ?


KD0CAC John:
I bought a couple of these a couple - ? yrs. ago and used for checking mostly solar , battery etc.

Just wanted to see ohters question the limited claims --- and then the lack of info .

The 1st one [ seems to me the most likely failure ] the claim to test 150 amp - maybe 10ga wires , do not want to test what seems like it would kill these units , maybe some else - just wanted to play with " magic smoke " ;)

With what is labled on the box & user sheet in box - no mention of AC volts - maybe newbes do not read more into Chinese maunals - or the lack of ?
There are mentions of batteries in the user sheet - implying DC --- but no direct mention I would expect from english manuals ?

KD0CAC John:
Should have provided a link the 1st time , I do not like to do a search on a item being talked about - harder to reply when guessing what the item is ;(


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