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230v to 5v with no Noise?

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Lord of nothing:
 :-// Hi everyone
I have some device who power other (aka an USB Hub) who have some sensitive electronic inside where the cheap Chinese Power Supply does send out some noise.
So what should I buy for an clean output? Medical Power Supply? Some Voltcraft with multiple Rails one for each Device?

If the other things are designed to be powered from a 5 V USB cable, then USB is probably not the issue. Have you tried a higher quality USB supply, like maybe an Apple one, instead of a cheap Chinese one?

If you want mains isolation, and lack of mains noise, why not try a USB power bank?

Lord of nothing:
The USB Fiber extender use an Barell Jack for Power.  :-+

--- Quote ---why not try a USB power bank?
--- End quote ---
If the are not get powert by Nuclear Energy the will run out of power soon.  :bullshit: Everything run 24/7.

you can use this "ADUM3160 USB to USB Isolation "

What's your "cheap Chinese Power Supply"? Maybe post some photos?
Ikea has a pretty good reputation when it comes to USB power supplies.
I think bigclive@youtube has tested some of them. Ditto for EEVblog
member HKJ: https://lygte-info.dk/info/indexUSB%20UK.html


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