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"Revolutionary Cell Technology" from Austria?!


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 :-DD http://www.kreiselenergy.com/  :wtf:  :-//

Probably designed by the person who used to do smartphones for Samsung. Even the micro-usb interface can be seen on the side :)

I do not get why they think I would like to have a battery nailed to a wall in my living room. I want power from my outlets and I do not want to know how it got there, when it got there, and how much of it is left. I just want to plug in a cable at any moment and make a cup of coffee.  And I want the stuff behind that to reside out of sight.

On top of that, I never get who needs a device like this. AFAICS if you can use it for 10 years and during that time would be able to use the full capacity of 8 kWh / day each and every day (a pipe dream), you can store 365*8*10=29200kWh in the lifetime of the device. At a price (ex VAT, ex installation, ex service ex everything) of €5650,- that means that each stored kWh costs €0.19. That is without the generation costs of that kWh. Electricity from the grid is way cheaper. And I suspect that grid storage will be cheaper as well.


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