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Abandoned project giveaway.


I'm having a bit of a clear-out, so rather than scrap my half-finished projects I'm going to offer them to anyone who wants to experiment, deconstruct or improve them. These are all prototypes I built, with full documentation:

1. A car alternator, rewired with my own design of voltage regulator module which allows for adjusting the output voltage, low-power standby operation and running at lower than designed RPM. Ideal for use in something like a very-small-scale hydroelectric project.
2. A MPPT DC-DC converter. Attach to a 100W panel for instant MPPT operation. Sort-of works on charging batteries, works very well on resistive loads. Good for heating water. Much room for refinement.
3. A PWM solar charge controller. Open design and firmware. Good for 12V panels, up to 200W. Designed for lead-acid batteries - sealed, flooded, AGM, just set the voltages. With some software work it could also manage nicads or NiMH.

I'm interested in the MPPT converter, if shipping costs are low enough. (If too high to be worth it, the code and schematic would be helpful.)

Code and schematic: http://birds-are-nice.me/ipfs/QmeHTKsAWhaKeygAqRBkAUkt5t2e9NPZcHT2ZcuyZcXcwy/
I can post anywhere in the UK.


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