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Ancient BenchMarq "Fuel Gauge" Chip BQ2913


Been knocking myself out scouring the usual places for a data sheet - guessing it's a product that TI killed off when they took over...

Item I'm peering at is in a Giant LaFree ebike NiMH 20 cell Panasonic battery pack - the battery is working OK but range anxious user wants a working fuel gauge ...

Anybody have a spec sheet / done a 20S NiMH monitor?

I just ordered some BQ76920-03 (3-5 cell) for a future 4 x LiFePO4 setup.
The BQ76940 goes to 15 cells.
https://www.ti.com/lit/gpn/bq76920 (includes 40)

I'm guessing that it might be in a Benchmarq Data Book - Benchmarq went through the hoops - bought by Unitrode in 1998 iirc - which itself got swallowed by TI about a year later ...

There are hints that a data book was published around '98 but I guess there was a bunch of pruning (and maybe part renumbering) happened.... Found an older databook on archive.org....   and this - just to torment the hunter> https://www.wirelessdesignonline.com/doc/1998-data-book-0001

Ho-hum...off to search "gas gauge ICs" ( or maybe an Arduino nano and a few LEDs will wake up fast enough when powered up... - give him a pot to twiddle to adjust the scale to personal taste.... )


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